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We have a new membership website platform to provide an improved experience for our members! Our new web site has an all-new interface much like a social media platform which will allow us to post new content and interact with members more easily, and allow members to find content more easily and interact with each other and guest speakers. The new interface is intuitive, but we have short tutorial videos in the new site to guide you through the new features of the site, and our customer service reps will be available if you need help.

Please explore the enhanced features! Let us know what you think or if you have any issues. 

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From Ancient Wisdom to Cutting-Edge Science

Cutting-Edge Natural Health Information
Welcome to Fresh And Alive Private Membership Health Club! In our club, Fresh And Alive president, Ken Rohla, shares his knowledge and experience from 25 years in natural health and healing, along with interviews of cutting-edge experts in natural health, webinars, member discounts, free gifts, and more.  Ken also delves into the spiritual and esoteric realms that most health educators won't dare to go.

Connect With Others Interested in Natural Health
The member platform has a community forum where members can interact with each other much like on social media platforms. Ken Rohla also interacts there with members from time to time. 

How We Protect Our Free Speech: The Private Domain Solution
With health freedom worldwide under attack, we established this club to provide a private forum to disseminate and share natural health information between members. By operating in the private domain, we are able to have more constitutionally protected speech and freedom to share than in a public forum.